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This Spring, look Up, not down!

For many of us living in the northern hemisphere, spring is the current season. If this is so, then this month, I invite you to look up, not down. Here is what I mean. Chances are that, during your commute to work or school, your Sunday afternoon stroll through the park, or a walk through your own garden, you come across many trees. However, have you seen them lately? “Sure”, you might tell me. “I see them every day. I know where they are. I pass them every day.” Could it be that you notice a glance of them looking down on your steering wheel while driving by? Could it be that you barely notice them as you walk by looking down on your cell phone? Could it be that you catch a glimpse while rushing through your front yard looking down to get your paper?             If any of these scenes sound familiar to you, I invite you to look up. Next time, pull over, put your phone away, and walk slowly through your garden. Next time, especially now in the spring, look up and look into t…

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