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A Voice for the Voiceless

Sometimes you have to stand alone so others can shine. 

          Throughout my life, I have often found myself in situation in which I was told to stop. Told to stop talking, stop doing, and stop caring. It works for a while. For a moment, I do stop. For an instant, I am still until my soul whispers a voice for the voiceless.
Ever since I was born, I have been the kind of person who would care about others. I was the child that would run up to strangers talking to them, smiling at them, even wishing to hug them. One could excuse this kind of behavior as childlike innocence. Or, one could attribute this kind of openness, feeling oneness with other human beings, and kindness to the fact that I am an empath and an old soul, who knows what it feels like to suffer and not have a voice.
Those of you, who follow my blog regularly, know that I often write about subjects dear to my heart. Those who know me in person, know that I often talk about the same on…

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