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Welcome to your soul family

Happy Mother's Day, soul mother 

Throughout our lives, we encounter all kinds of people. With more than 7 billion human beings living on our planet, most of them we will likely never know. There are many who we will come across for a brief moment at the counter, on the street, at school, at a workplace or other daily routine situation. Last but not least, there are those, who will change our lives significantly and forever. Welcome to your soul family.
A soul family is a group of souls very familiar to each other. These souls feel like family members because they are a family in a spiritual sense. We, as human beings, are basically souls who come to the world as human beings in order to live their lives as such. When we think of groups and families, we naturally tend to think of our biological families, our colleagues at work, classmates at schools, friends, neighbors, etc. These are all people we are familiar with because we have met them and seem to know them best.
However, did y…

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