Reasons for being here

Dear friends,

I hope you all had a great summer! 

After my latest post (I hope you enjoyed it as this topic touches me a lot), simmering summer temps, inspiring travels and encounters, I fell into another hole. It seems to me that after a fantastic time and a feeling as being on top of a mountain so close to the stars that I can almost touch them and the knowledge deep inside of me that anything is possible and I can achieve my dreams, I tumble, fall, roll down the steep hills of my life falling deeper and deeper until I reach a valley and eventually come to a full stop. Confused I open my eyes to find myself at the bottom – once again. Realizing that it is – once again – time to start over in my life, I pick myself up. Although I don’t feel like it and don’t think I have the power to do so, I know deep inside of me that this is the only right thing to do. We have been given our lives to live, our bodies to live in, certain people to meet and greet and others to let go. We all have come here in this time and space for a particular reason. There have been many times in my life when I wanted to give up. Giving up seemed the easiest solution and the right thing to do. However, in exactly this moment, after falling down – once again – a realization comes to me from far. As I look up into the sky from the valley, the stars seem endless times away and yet the message is loud and clear. “Get up, Barbara, and keep going. I know you fell down in your life. However, you have a reason to keep going.” The Universe. I keep wondering what the reason is. My friends, do you know what my reason is? What do you think yours is? I would love to read your comments on that. For now all I know is, that as long as I don’t know what MY reason for being here is, I have to keep going and get up – once again.
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