Do you love yourself?

Dear friends,
My question for you this month is: Do you love yourself? I think this is a very good question, don’t you think? What do you think it means first of all? To be honest, when I first heard of the concept of loving ourselves I thought it means selfish behavior, pride, always trying to win, arrogance etc. While it is certainly true that there are many people out there, who have exactly those characteristics, this is not what loving ourselves means. I have been reading about loving ourselves a lot lately. My greatest teacher of this topic is Ms. Louise Hay ( In the meantime I have learned that loving ourselves means taking care of ourselves as individual human beings by cherishing our uniqueness instead of trying to be like everybody else. It also means being gentle and patient with ourselves while learning something new, treating ourselves well, taking care of ourselves in terms of health and wellbeing, and feeling good about ourselves. These good vibrations about ourselves reach other people and eventually this love returns back to you because if you love yourself then others will love you too. I always thought that it is the other way round that once somebody loves me then I can also appreciate myself. I still have a lot to learn here. To be honest, I don’t love myself. I often find myself ugly, too fat, not lovable, here for no particular reason and nothing I can do is right and nothing works out for me. I know in the meantime that this is purely my ego talking. So if you ever feel this way, tell yourself that this is just your ego thinking. I then try to look at something beautiful or think of something I really love. As soon as love spreads in my heart, I connect with the source, god, universe, whatever you like to call it. This special place is pure love. There is no hatred and no self-criticism. Go to this place and you will see that you are just as lovable and beautiful as every other being ever made in this universe. Perhaps it will help you to appreciate yourself a bit more. It always helps me to see my own uniqueness as a human being – without being arrogant, selfish and proud. In addition, it helps me to write these words here and I hope they inspire you to recognize your own uniqueness and to be loving and gentle with yourself and others.
Love, Barbara
Copyright © Barbara Bullock
Works cited Louise Hay


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