M stands for…..

Dear Friends,

Everything stands for something, doesn’t it? Every symbol, every abbreviation, every name, title, logo and so on stands for something bigger behind them. This means that there is something larger than themselves inside and around them. Anyway, this month, the month of May, I want to tell you what the letter M stands for – for me. If you look at the letter itself it might not mean that much to you at first. It is just a letter. The same can be true for every little thing. Look at a symbol and if you do not know what it means, perhaps have never seen it and have no association with it, it won’t mean anything to you. But it can mean the world to others. For me the letter M stands for May and Mother. Both mean the world to me. First of all, I love the month of May as it is in the middle of spring. Most days are sunny and warm, everything is blooming, the birds singing and my spirits are up and my soul is rejuvenated. Spring means the world to me and makes the entire year despite the hazy grey fall days, the cold and dark winter days and the unbearably hot and stormy summer days worth living. M also stands for Mother. As Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, I think of a very special lady who I consider my Mommy. Although not born to her in this lifetime – she means the world to me and I see her as my mommy and love her as my mommy, and as the great person and human being she is. I love you, Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy May and Happy M. 


Copyright © 2013 Barbara Bullock


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