Dear friends,

I just experienced two very different moments I wanted to share with you. I just met someone I really like. It was a surprise and felt like out of the blue. However, a few seconds before this seemingly random act I was guided by the universe by receiving signs that eventually lead up to the understanding of what was about to happen. At first I did not know of course WHAT would happen exactly but as soon as I was in the middle of the moment I understood the signs that preceded. I have to tell you all about spiritual guidance in another blog someday. In the meantime, I wanted to say that seeing this person made me feel really good. Whether the universe orchestrated this meeting or not or it was a so called coincidence, I don’t know. I just know that this short moment lifted me up and set the mood for the day. I suddenly felt a lot of gratitude and had the feeling that I could do and achieve anything. Knowing this made me even a bit emotional because this awareness coming deep from within my being touches my soul directly. Circumstances, materials things, numbers such as ages or the amount of money I have in the physical sense, suddenly become less important. All that REALLY MATTERS is my soul and IS the real ME. 

The second thing that happened within an hour is that another person just told me how she sees me by judging me in what I perceived a negative way. After flying high and knowing that I can do anything, I felt pushed down and unappreciated by this other person. Right now my self-esteem is shattered, my ego keeps my mind busy thinking “Here you have the proof, this is reality, you are no good, you cannot do anything, stop dreaming…”. This makes me emotional once again not because this act of using power to keep me down just happened to give my ego many reasons to shower me with doubt. It is because deep down I know I can do anything and I am worthy more than this negative person is trying to make me feel like. This has nothing to do arrogance or anything like that. This has to do with self-love and the knowledge that God and the Universe love me and that WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS ME. Thank you for your guidance and all the amazing and wonderful moments that allow me to feel and realize that anything is possible…….for everybody including ME!

Love and light,


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