What have you changed lately?

Happy new year everyone! This morning I was thinking about change. As the first month of the new year is already half-way over, I thought back to New Year’s Eve and about how many hopes and dreams many people, including me, have about a new year. What I mean to say is that I often tend to think that my life would change for the positive as soon as the clock strikes midnight only to find out that half an hour into the New Year everything is still the same. Life does not change just because it is midnight on New Year’s Eve and we want it to. I rather believe that life changes when fate changes it or when we make the change. I made a change a year ago today. It was my dream ever since I can think of to do that. Last year on this day, my dream finally came true. I did not know when, where or how I could ever do that. I just know that I had always wanted to make that change. Whether it was fate and I was destined or it was simply my own action I will probably never know. It was likely a bit of both. One thing I learned this past year is that life changes when it is meant to be. Dreams come true when the divine timing is right. As a human being I might not always be able to grasp that concept. What I can do however, is to pray and trust the universe that it does everything possible to bring the change I want and am ready for at the perfect time in my life and to be grateful for the changes and my dreams coming true. My name is Barbara Bullock and that is a change I wanted and am grateful for the rest of my life. I wish you all many positive changes and dreams coming true in your lives in this new year and always.
All the best,


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