12/12/12 What a date!

12/12/12 What a date!
Dear friends,
Today is a really marvelous day. The date 12/12/12 is amazing to say, read and write, don’t you think? Recently, a couple of people asked me when the next such date is going to be. I am no mathematician but I think that is going to be in a very long time from now, probably in a thousand years or so. That is why I realized that for the time being I prefer to think of today. Today is a special day. The sun is out, people are in a good mood and even happy, and I am cheerful too. Perhaps it is the energy of this particular date. Whatever it is, I think it is a sign of the universe to sometimes just take the time and look around. Stop worrying, stop working and stop looking only at yourself at least for a little while. Let the sunshine warm your face, listen to your favorite sounds of music, nature or the voices of people you love. Most of all, tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Smile at a stranger and show that you care about others. It might be for a short moment and not a thousand of years, but perhaps this is what life is and should be about. Enjoy the moment of your life. Enjoy this special day. In this sense I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. I hope you get to stay warm and with loved ones.
Happy Holidays and lots of love and light to all.


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