Vacation time is going home time, or is it?

Vacation time is going home time, or is it?
Dear friends,
During the last month of summer I usually start to reflect on this amazing season. Many of you probably have already been on your well-deserved summer vacation. If yours is still coming up, have a wonderful time! Summer vacation often means traveling to another place, other than home, for a vacation. As many people like to explore foreign lands in their leisure time, I like to go “home”. I like to travel to places where I feel like I am at home. Certainly, I might never have lived there or only for a short time in my life, but I feel at home there.
When I go there I can relax, everything seems familiar, and I know my way around. When I go there I am happy to see the local people – happy to see them again as if they were old friends or family – although we have actually never met. When I go there, I eat my favorite foods and celebrate local customs. When I go there I feel pride and love for this beautiful place on earth. When I go there I breathe in the air, see the mountains, listen to the sounds of the waves, listen to the birds and feel completely at ease – I feel at home. When I must depart I cry. I cry and pray to be able to return as soon as possible.
Perhaps I feel so connected to this land because I have been here before – in another lifetime.
Where have you already been?
Happy summer!
Copyright 2012 Barbara Bullock


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