For instance.......

For instance…..
Dear friends,
I was recently wondering whether it is just me or other people also experience a new phenomenon. The phenomenon I am thinking of is the fact that more and more people seem not to know how to be courteous anymore. For instance, before getting on the train, wouldn’t it make sense to wait for passengers to get off first? For instance, when someone in a workplace is using the sink in a common room, wouldn’t it be polite to wait for one’s turn and not move closer and closer to the person to indicate that it is time to move on and eventually even push the person away to use the sink? For instance, why is it that every time when I am busy typing someone approaches me to ask me or say something to me not realizing that my thoughts are currently elsewhere? Wouldn’t it be polite to excuse oneself before distracting the busy person? For instance, when bumping into someone unintentionally, wouldn’t it be polite to say a simple “I am sorry” instead of frowning and giving me an attitude if I say something? For instance, why is it that fifteen minutes after receiving an e-mail, I receive a phone call from an angry caller wondering why I have not responded to the e-mail yet? For instance, how come that I can feel the next customer’s shopping cart in my back pushing me slowly a bit forward while I wait at the cash register patiently? How come the same customer pushes my groceries away so he/she has enough space for his/her groceries (would you like help me bag mine?) while I stuff my change in any pocket on my clothes I can find (forget about putting any change neatly away into my wallet….). For instance, where has the good old “Good morning” or a simple “Hello” gone? Shouldn’t we start to eliminate the words “please” and “thank you”? Perhaps we don’t need to worry about that. Future generations will have probably pushed these courteous words out of the dictionary.
THANK YOU for reading!

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